Food Trends for 2020


Food Trends for 2020! What better way to start the year.

The latest edition of the Food and Drink Business Magazine looks at trends for 2020 including Innova Market Insights

The top Food Trend for 2020 is

Telling a Product’s Story

Consumers are interested in knowing how a product is made. What it is made from and the provenance of ingredients. All of which will influence their buying decision.

Reducing food and plastic waste is on everyone’s mind with the release of the government, and major food organizations, waste reduction and recycling goals.

Another Food Trend for 2020 – Plant Based Products and Sustainability

Carrying over from last year, Plant Based Products and Sustainability are ongoing trends in 2020. 

Clean labels with clear understood ingredients are the choice of consumers.

Reducing food and plastic waste is on everyone’s mind. Therefore, the government waste reduction and recycling goals has been timely.

Nutritious, easy to prepare, convenient and portable foods

Nutritious, easy to prepare, convenient and portable foods are a priority for consumers juggling busy lives.

Textured Foods

The consumer is more influenced by the Texture of foods. This gives an interesting food experience. Just released is Hungry Jacks Bursitis frozen drinks range, a slushy for added texture and fun.

Macronutrient makeover

Taking simple foods and giving them a macronutrient makeover. Therefore, boosting the healthy nutrients. This option for consumers is a hot trend. Therefore, such things as traditional pancakes with a protein boost will be appealing.


Hybrids are a mixture. Mixing sweet and salty. Also, mixing plant based with dairy based.  Gives more options that consumers appreciates even if they are questionable or controversial

Gut Health

Gut Health products have potential to continue their popularity in 2020. Therefore, providing unique benefits to the well in formed consumer.

Food for Beauty

Beauty Starts from Within – Food with a claim to beauty benefits. For example, collagen is traditionally popular with the Chinese. It is spreading to other markets. 

Personalisation, limited edition and seasonal special is another trend. These products continue to excite the consumers looking for something unique and special.

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