Get Ready for Market with Food Product Development Consultant Companies

Every year you bottle a barbecue sauce to give away at the company picnic. Fans beg you each year to make your sauce more often, but the process is time-consuming and arduous. You never considered producing and selling your sauce, but this year you spied a memo circulating the office. Your co-workers are compiling a bottle count for this year’s gathering and have even collected money to finance their request; maybe it’s time to go public. Food product development companies help inventors like yourself bring products to the open market.

QualDes has served Australia as the leading food development consultant known for our extensive knowledge of food industry standards, our access to food-stabilising technology, and our history of partnerships with some of the leading producers and food retailers over the last 20 years. Bring your recipe to one of our experienced food product development consultants, and we’ll ensure that your product meets Australia’s standards, has long-lasting shelf stability, and can be mechanised for mass production; all while preserving the original taste that your co-workers loved.

At QualDes, we provide cost-effective, confidential, formulas for new products quickly and efficiently drawing on our connections to raw materials and producers locally and abroad. We can facilitate the entire process from formulation to packaging. Your fresh barbecue sauce will likely require the Hot Fill stabilisation process in addition to added ingredients that increase shelf-life. Initially, this may change the taste of the original recipe. Where other food product development companies may leave you with a product that isn’t quite the original taste or texture, our development consultants work with you to modify the food product’s formula until it passes your standards. Next, we’ll perform all HACCP and palatability testing. Lastly, your consultant goes the extra mile to creatively lower production costs thus increasing your profits. We understand that food product development is an art that takes creativity and patience as well as skill and experience that the average innovator may not possess.

Pick QualDes for Specialty Items, Diets, and Skilled Partnership

Perhaps the idea of turning your fresh sauce into a shelf-stable bottled creation that lasts indefinitely isn’t as appealing to you as it is your fans. QualDes focuses in product development that caters to current food trends and special diets. Talk with your assigned food product development consultant about ways to make your sauce organic, gluten-free complaint, or even how to craft a sauce that caters to markets based on price-point. As products can fail at various points in production and marketing, we meet your project at whatever stage of development you are and gladly perform reviews of your progress to help guide you in the right direction. As time-tested food product development consultants, we’ve worked with many well-known companies, including Subway—the largest fast-food chain in the world—to refine recipes and manufacturing processes to fit the Australian market. We look forward to making your company favourite an Australian staple.

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