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The missing link in the food industry

At Qualdes, we offer two core areas of expertise. We help you develop innovative food and beverage products and show you the most effective ways to improve your food business. Our expertise begins at the macro business strategy level. It proceeds right through to production processes, food formulations, compliance matters and adhering to Australian food labelling standards.

Working with our highly qualified and experienced food product development experts will give you enormous reassurance. Not only will your products meet the highest food safety and quality standards but your business will operate at optimal levels of productivity and efficiency.

Never having to compromise on quality or safety gives you a measurable head start over your competitors.

We have interactive training and implementation programs to suit all aspects of production and supply chain. Our programs have resulted in: 75% reduction in downtime | 50% reduction in material and packaging waste | 80% reduction in customer complaints.

Perhaps you already have a team that is dedicated to your food safety and quality controls and you need additional backup. Or, you may require access to ad hoc expertise from our highly experienced food experts talent. Whatever your needs, we can guide you through the process or become part of your team.

We can provide you and your organisation with knowledge and experience across all food and beverage categories.

Quality Assurance

Prevention is the cure. Safeguard your business with our qualified QA team.

Product Development

Innovate and create successful products with our expert food tech team.

Training & Mentoring

Develop & empower your team by investing in them with our exclusive programmes.

The Innovation Centre

Your exclusive facility for product innovation, testing & product launch presentations.

What our clients say

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