How to write your HACCP Plan

The HACCP Project Plan

First, you must have a project plan for the implementation of your HACCP Plan. If this is not done the project can easily “come off the rails”.

HACCP is a project and must be run as such with a project leader, list of tasks to be completed and a time table for this.

We suggest the following implementation plan :-

Phase 1 – Establish the HACCP Team

  • Identify project Manager
  • Awareness training of key personnel
  • Decide on HACCP team structure and appoint team
  • Train team in HACCP and Support skills
  • Set up External Specialist Support links

Phase 2 – Determine the Scope of the System

  • Write HACCP or food safety policy
  • Publish scope and time scale for implementation

Phase 3 Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA)

  • Write and agree raw material specifications with suppliers
  • Identify and train SQA personnel
  • Set up SQA audit schedule and carry out assessments

Phase 4 – Prepare HACCP Plan

  • Draw and verify process flow diagram
  • Conduct Hazard Analysis
  • Establish Critical Control Points
  • Establish Control Procedures (HACCP control chart)
  • Write procedures for CCP monitors
  • Train CCP monitors
  • Implement the HACCP plan
  • Verification of the HACCP plan

Phase 5 – Project sign off

  • Agree HACCP is fully implemented

Writing the HACCP Plan

Define the Scope

The HACCP Plan is a formal document which pulls together the key information from the HACCP Study.

The HACCP Team draw up the HACCP Plan. Consisting of two essential components – the Process Flow Diagram and the HACCP Control Chart – along with any other necessary support documentation. Therefore, the HACCP Plan is focused on food safety management. This means, additional documentation should be kept to a minimum.

The Process Flow Diagram

The Process Flow Diagram is a clear and simple description of how the end product is made. It is an essential part of the HACCP plan which enables the HACCP Team to understand the production processes and is the basis for the hazard analysis.  It includes details of all ingredients, handling procedures and follows the process through to the consumer.

process flow of cleaning rice

The HACCP Control Chart

The HACCP Control Chart contains details of all the steps or stages in the process where there are CCPs. It contains details of the hazards and preventative measures associated with each CCP, along with the control criteria and responsibilities.

When your HACCP Team is ready to start its first HACCP Study, it is important to agree on the terms of reference or scope before they begin. If this is the case, The team will not be bogged down in unnecessary detail.

The HACCP Team can ask a number of questions:-

  • Do you want to cover all types of hazards initially, or just one type?
  • Will the study cover a whole process or one specific part?
  • Should the study stop at the end of production or take in distribution?

Whats in our next HACCP Blog

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