Food Labelling in Australia -Need Assistance?

Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations for Food Labelling in Australia is time consuming. As the requirements continue to evolve, you must consistently ensure that your products remain compliant. QualDes offers a cost-effective solution. Therefore, helping food businesses to stay on top of compliance. We embrace an approach to food labelling that’s both practical and commercial.  Constantly advising our clients on food labelling issues.  QualDes talk to regulators to get interpretation of the standards.  This ensures we can guide you in full food label compliance.

What do we check on the food label

When you work with QualDes, we will compare your food labelling to the recipe to make sure it is correct.  This also involves checking the nutritional panel and ingredient listing.  This means they will be in the correct format.  It is also important to call the ingredients by the correct name. Also, they need to be in descending (largest to smallest amount). QualDes does much of this work on our nutrition calculator program.  This program uses data from all over the world to achieve accurate results.

Your Nutritional Claims need to also meet The Food Code.  We spend time checking this and advising of changes.  These changes will make your food label legal.  This is important as an incorrect food label can mean a Product Recall. This is not only expensive but damaging to your Brand.

Allergens are now a food safety issue.  Many recalls these days are because of undeclared allergens.  This often occurs as some ingredients will have “hidden” allergens. We can assist you with other aspects of food labelling including  health claims, advisory and warning declarations, regulatory compliance of ingredients, country of origin labelling, net weights and coding, halal and kosher requirements, and more.

Our experience in the field of food labelling in Australia makes us an effective partner for your food business, as we can not only evaluate your existing labels for compliance but also assist you in developing compliant labelling for new products. You can’t afford to risk non-compliance. Help your customers make informed choices, do your part to contribute to public health and safety, and ensure that all your products are labelled correctly when you work with QualDes.

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