QualDes Consulting Firm Trains Your Team on Quality Food Safety


The fast-paced world of catering yields high turn-over and an ever-increasing demand for more substantial staff compliments to cover booked events. Formerly known for quality and service excellence, you’ve seen a dip in reviews and believe that your growing catering company needs an external food safety consulting firm to handle onboarding and training. In addition to high-quality, consistent, and HACCP compliant training, we offer quality food safety consulting that reviews and enhances your standard procedures and has the skill and experience to help you bring your exclusive recipes to the public market. With more than 20 years leading Australia’s commercial food service industry, and 60 years’ combined food safety and development experience, QualDes food safety consultants will provide your team with the quality mentorship they need to restore your company’s reputation.

Superior Quality and Food Saftey Consultants for Australia
Even with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place, it’s hard to find time to train new hires and retrain individuals that have fallen into bad habits. Lack of proper training leads to a dip in efficiency, accountability, and eventually, morale. Low morale increases turnover which takes away from your operation as you need to hire and train replacements. QualDes partners with your company to provide consistent training to your staff in small group settings using curriculums specially tailored to your SOPs. We believe that your team will get the most out of targeted training that is directly relevant to the work they’ll be doing. Instead of teaching from generalisations, hands-on activities are practical keeping your team engaged which helps them retain information. Our quality training as the best food safety consulting firm in Australia combines lectures on industry standards with hands-on interactive lessons. QualDes offers quality food safety consulting including classes on primary and intermediate level safe food handling including HACCP compliance, workshops focused on SQF, BRC and WQA, how to implement ISO9001, and a special course for supervisors. We accommodate groups up to 15 persons, provide course notes and a certificate of completion.

QualDes Safely Brings Your Ideas to Market

Food service regulations get stricter each year making it harder to produce and serve exclusive dishes. QualDes’ quality food safety consulting firm helps you wade through red-tape intended to protect big retailers by making it harder for smaller entities to compete. Complicated requirements combined with the high cost of manufacturing in Australia makes it exceedingly difficult for small producers to break into the market. Our food safety consultants help you develop your sauces, beverages, and food products so that they meet Australia’s food quality and nutritional information standards. We have access to key product development ingredients that extend shelf life and are skilled at the latest technology used in food processing. Our high-quality tailored consulting for new product development starts with food safety training for the product development team. Next, we’ll go over how ingredients function within a product to produce/retain texture, shelf stability, and freshness. We focus on baking, sauces, and how to make a product healthier. A partnership with QualDes is the first step to restoring your catering company’s exceptional reputation.

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