Save Your Hotel With Restaurant Food and Beverage Consulting
The food service department of your luxury hotel has failed their HACCP food safety compliance inspection – again. While your guests love that your restaurants feature exclusive food and beverages, their development without the assistance of professional consulting has landed you in hot water. You have thirty days to prove your menus meet Australia’s food safety and labelling guidelines or your hotel will lose its right to serve food. QualDes has been offering food and beverage consulting to hotels across Australia for the last 20 years. Australian HACCP standards require that all components of dishes be comprised of approved ingredients subject to safety inspections. Your off-label sauces and quick mixes have not been tested for safety compliance and are not adequately labelled in your kitchen. Our hotel food and beverage consultants go through your menus, locate the non-compliant components, and establish the documentation necessary to allow you to serve these innovative creations to the public from a commercial setting.
QualDes Sorts Out Your KitchensSafety compliance is particularly important when serving the public. If sickness breaks out, commercial settings must be able to identify potential sources when officials run their investigations. This is difficult to do when establishments use off-label ingredients. Hotel food and beverage consultants from QualDes help you solidify a formula, source raw materials, then sets up manufacturing, labelling, and packaging. We take your team’s ideas and turn them into certified food products. We are committed to comprehensive, fast-paced solutions that are legally sound which decreases the potential for recall or likelihood of poor inspection reviews based on off-label product use. Through hotel food and beverage consulting we can pinpoint your establishment’s weak spots and work with you to develop long-lasting solutions. We also offer extensive training in the proper production of new food products in Australia. While consulting repairs problems in your hotel’s existing food and beverage departments, training teaches your team how to develop, produce, and register future menu additions. We have courses that go over safety and compliance, baking, acids in foods, and how different types of foods impact a products taste, texture, and shelf-life.


You got into hotels and the hospitality industry because you love the hustle and bustle of travellers coming and going. Food service is a necessity you’re happy to leave in the hands of your head chef. They run a clean, competent, and efficient kitchen with a culture that promotes innovation. Our exceptional hotel food and beverage consultants help you preserve that culture while teaching you how to remain food standard compliant. Since the staff have already made the products, we’ll start with a review of each product going over formula and uses. Our restaurant food and beverage consulting is aimed at maximising efficiency. We’ll help you develop dish ingredients on a large scale lowering your labour and production costs. We’ll help you modify product formulas that fall short of standards, and once you achieve safety compliance, we’ll help you through the labelling process so that your reinspection is a success.

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