Food Product Development

Food Product Development

Your Expert Food Product Development Team

The Australian food industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. QualDes is the nation’s leading food product development experts in the food industry.
We are proud of our position at the forefront of the industry’s food and beverage consulting firms. We help small and large organisations to do incredible things with food. Some of the country’s most prestigious brands choose Qualdes to develop or reformulate their food and beverage products.

At our core, we are passionate about the incredible food innovation Australia is famous for.

We are far more than a garden variety food consultant or food product development scientist. We take product concepts from their inception right through to launch. We can help you develop a completely new product from the grain of an idea through to manufacture. Or, you may need us to reformulate a product to improve its nutrition, increase its shelf life or improve profit margin.

As a QualDes client, you will have access to the most up to date food and beverage trends and regulations. Our Sydney food technologists keep across what’s new, exciting and important to ensure you are equipped with the best information. At all times, your confidentiality is fully maintained and all rights to your product belong to you.

An initial Feasibility Analysis will ensure your product is developed to its optimum potential. Our exhaustive ‘Gate’ process is designed to assess any product and its viability through our regulatory and profit analysis program. The result is working with products that are most likely to be successful once developed.

Your product is developed in our fully equipped product development laboratory/kitchen using our formulation database. Our industry experience ensures you are connected with the very best of ingredients suppliers and co-manufacturers.

You are supported throughout the entire product development process. This includes our food scientist and food technologist specialists attending production trials to ensure your product is a success.

It’s important that the label claims made on your product promote it to its full potential. One of the most critical elements is that your food label information will strictly conform to regulatory legislation.


Food product development project management

We work with New Product Development (NPD) teams and individuals to create innovative and successful food and beverage products. We do this by:

  • helping you achieve specific KPIs that solve the headaches of an unmanageable NPD;
  • taking the product to market quickly by project prioritisation;
  • focusing on the most profitable and marketable process; and
  • introducing a plan for timely launch.

We are that missing link in the food product development chain from the raw material supplier to the retailers. This is particularly relevant for the QSR industry where meeting the project brief and providing quick turnaround are paramount.

Is your food business looking to create, develop or reformulate a food or beverage product?

Turn to a food scientist consultant that has a long-standing track record. QualDes is one of Australia’s most trusted authorities in food product design and development.

We have the deep knowledge and experience that comes from working with countless brands. We are across all the food labelling requirements in Australia and we can connect you with proven suppliers. We know how to simplify, streamline, optimise and capitalise for the greatest potential outcome.

The QualDes point of difference

In addition to our food product innovation capabilities, we can also assist with your Quality Assurance needs. That means you don’t just hire a food scientist. With QualDes, you benefit from logical cross-over opportunities without having to seek an extra food safety and quality consultant.

Talk to us about HACCP certification, developing a food safety program or training and mentoring your personnel.


Let us help you make sure the next product you take to market is a success