Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring Services: Food Safety Programs and More

A well-trained workforce is an efficient and productive workforce. When you invest in your people by teaching them new skills, they feel valued. QualDes offers food safety training, HACCP training, VACCP training and many other customised programs to suit your particular requirements.


Our food safety and quality training programs deliver measurable results

We have interactive training and implementation programs to suit all aspects of production and the supply chain.

Our food safety programs have resulted in:

  • 75% reduction in downtime
  • 50% reduction in material and packaging waste
  • 80% reduction in customer complaints

As well, our individual and group mentoring programs have seen unprecedented employee engagement and motivation levels. We assist organisations of all sizes, from small private label food manufacturers to multi-national brands.


Empowering your team benefits everyone

When it comes to ingredients for success, the human element is one of the top priorities. When we see our clients investing in their people, we see exceptional results. Focusing on safety, productivity and efficiencies creates healthy workplaces and workforces. Happily, these are also key drivers of profit and growth.

The proven strategies we offer will help improve efficiencies in your food business. Your team will then be consistently operating at its optimum potential, resulting in higher profits. We help you and your team to create cost-effective, sustainable business models.

Imagine having your very own food product development scientist around to ask questions. That’s exactly how it is for QualDes clients.

Get in touch for your tailored food safety training or mentoring consultation.

The Australian food industry can be proud of its reputation

It truly is one of the world’s best in terms of food safety and quality standards. For starters, the production of our local ingredients is highly regulated. As for food labelling requirements, Australia is committed to transparency and honesty.

The world-class expertise of our food scientist and technologist talent is another important contributing factor. At QualDes, we are immensely proud of our own hard-won expertise.

What makes Qualdes Food Safety Programs different?

Other Australian food and beverage consulting firms specialise in either food development services or Quality Assurance. At Qualdes, we are equally adept at both. As such, we understand the entire process of the food safety management system and how each department affects others.

Qualdes are food manufacturing consultants from A to Z and everything in between.

What kind of food safety training providers is your organisation looking for?

Here is just a sample of the kinds of food safety training we can provide for your team:

  • Preparation for HACCP certification
  • VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment Critical Control Points)
  • Food safety labeling and dating
  • Preparation for third party food safety audit

Let us help you and your team to create cost effective, sustainable business models.