Sydney and Melbourne Food Safety Consulting Companies

Australian food safety requirements are both strict and complex, making it essential to use outside experience to ensure that your products and practices are compliant. It’s easy to see that you should seek help in areas beyond your expertise, such as designing or performing reviews, rather than attempt to do something yourself that you aren’t familiar with and risking non-compliance. Choosing among food safety consulting companies in Australia can be challenging – how do you know which ones are experienced and knowledgeable in the specific area you need? Food safety requirements cover a broad spectrum of products, so it’s important to find a consultant who is skilled in your arena. Beyond this, there are several things to look for when choosing food safety consulting companies in Sydney or Melbourne.

Knowledge of Food Safety Requirements

Beyond technical skill, good consultants have a complete understanding of the requirements that must be met to achieve compliance. You strive to do everything possible to ensure food safety, but it starts with meeting the minimum legal requirements. The observance of standards is a priority for every manufacturer because only when your products are compliant can you move forward with additional methods of improving your food safety.

Knowledge of the Entire Scope of Requirements for Your Products

Look for a consultant with experience in your particular area. They should understand the requirements involved in product design, labelling, safety, and more regardless of your niche. Technical skill, as well as regulatory knowledge, are necessary to identify potential areas of non-compliance and safety issues and provide troubleshooting as needed.

Value for Money

The adage “you get what you pay for” is never more accurate than in food safety consulting. It can be difficult to tell the difference between top consultants and poor ones until you work with them, so avoid making your decision based solely on price. The one who can meet your needs when it comes to your goals, products and individual situation is the right one. There are a wide variety of methods consultants use to achieve objectives; look for one who goes above and beyond and provides the best value for your dollar.


QualDes is a food service consulting firm in Australia offering holistic solutions to the challenges encountered by professional food and beverage developers. QualDes provides research, development, and quality assurance for clients in the food service industry. With the latest knowledge and top-of-the-line facilities, as well as modern equipment to support a variety of product development endeavours, we offer what other consultant companies can’t: a complete food technology solution.

We place a strong focus on quality and efficiency and can assist clients in the food service industry with product development, research and analysis, quality management, supplier audits, in-house training, and food safety management. Our smaller size enables us to respond quickly to urgent requirements while avoiding the red tape often associated with larger organisations. We also guarantee confidentiality. No matter what your project involves, QualDes can provide you with a complete solution.

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